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  1. Autobiography: Chapters in the Course of My Life, - Rudolf Steiner - Google книги
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Self Education: Autobiographical Reflections How Does the Human Body Move?

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Mees takes as his basis of observation the idea that what we call our nervous system is only the physical expression of what lives everywhere in our body as an activity of perception. In the light of anthroposophy, he explores how our muscles become conscious of our desire to move. C Mees, M.

ISBN: Warmth Course Fourteen lectures by Rudolf Steiner Translated by George Adams Stuttgart, March 1 - 14, GA ISBN: Rudolf Steiner discusses the nature of warmth, its relationship to the four states of matter, to light, to color, and to the sub-earthly and super-earthly realms. With extensive notes and diagrams, this work comprises essential reference material for teachers of the natural sciences, as well as interested parents and others.

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  • Rudolf Steiner: An Illustrated Biography.
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The Art of Lecturing Waldorf Schools, Vol. I II Contributors include A. Mann and others.


Autobiography: Chapters in the Course of My Life, - Rudolf Steiner - Google книги

These essays, rich with insights into the teenage years, show how creative imagination can set young hearts and minds on fire. On Teaching Physics and Math Every page bespeaks the love for his young students and their problems.

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    ISBN 13: 9781855840935

    Remember me Login. Several essays by respected authors approach the phenomenon of Steiner from a variety of perspectives, examining topics such as the period in which his work evolved, the way that Steiner combined natural and spiritual science, his work in architecture, design and stage performance, and his influence on tendencies in present-day art.

    The essays are supplemented by an extensive catalogue section which presents Steiner's major works and compares them to those of important contemporaries and current artists. An illustrated biography completes the book, which represents the first effort to introduce an important figure of the twentieth century to a wide public.

    The I AM By Rudolf Steiner

    This new volume offers selections from a wide variety of Steiner's published works, presenting a broad, accessible overview of anthroposophy. In his introduction, McDermott recounts Steiner's life and work, from his childhood and education to his work as a natural scientist, philosopher, scholar, educator, artist, interpreter of culture and seer.

    An Illustrated Biography

    He places Steiner in relation to major traditions of thought and explores the g His was an influential pulpit, and he was a pioneer of a new meditative approach, seeking to re-establish the relevance of the Gospels. His life took an unexpected turn when, in , he encountered Rudolf Steiner for the first time. He spent the next ten years critica Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press: I was so taken aback that I dropped the basket which burst open and all my clothes and underclothes, together with my other belongings, were lying at the feet of the Doctor.

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    Through the forming of such a Society, he sought to enable a true spiritual culture It makes no sense to stop where Goethe stood. Yet we cannot progress unless we absorb Goethe deeply and allow ourselves to be wholly inspired by the impulses he brought into the world.


    This cannot be achieved as quickly as people today would like this to happen. There is nothing for it; anyone who was careless enough to live at the end of the nineteenth century must bear it. It wants to convey to quote Emil Leinhas 'the immense greatness and unique significance of this individuality who radiates out over the centuries. Publisher: New York, SteinerBooks:. Humanity will perish because all religious, scientific, philosophical, artistic, and - in a higher sense - ethical interests would be torn from the human soul.

    Rudolf Steiner

    Without new spiritual impulses we will become living machines. For Peter Selg, if Anthroposophy to be a living reality, we must learn to know and love Rudolf Steiner as he appeared to those who knew and loved him: namely, as a spiritual teacher. Steiner experienced the assassination in Sarajevo as a deeply serious tragedy that would inevitably lead to war and lamented the widespread reluctance to regard such critical events with the appropriate earnestness and concern. Steiner saw the dark time of World War I as largely the result of mounting economic tensions between England and Germany, marked by unsustainably materialistic and nationalistic thinking.