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  2. One Woman's Story About Her MS Diagnosis
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My first thought is I just do it.

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You know how you can end up doing stuff so automatically that you just assume everyone else does all of that? The early effects of MS really caused me to step back and reassess the pros and cons of what I was routinely doing and open myself up to new routines that could help me get my life back on track. One thing I learned early on was that when you have a chronic illness you have to manage your stress. Doing that makes you less productive in the short run, feel worse in the short to medium run and reduces your life expectancy in the long run.


Pretty much every positive outcome in your body flows from that activation. I am constantly moving throughout the day and doubling down on that with regular yoga classes, long walks and lifting weights. All of that has increased my strength, range of motion, flexibility and sense of balance. Those are super important factors in living a healthy and confident life whether you have MS or not.

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  • Multiple sclerosis.

Sleep — Research demonstrates that 95 percent of human beings need at least seven hours of sleep a night to be fully functional in the short run and reach their full life expectancy in the long run. When I learned this, I got serious about my sleep. When I get seven to eight hours in a night I feel and perform a lot better the next day both physically and mentally. Keep Breathing — In , I did a hour yoga teacher training program with a wonderful, highly experienced instructor named Birgitte Kristen.

I quickly realized that a lot of what she was teaching us also applied to my work with leaders.

One Woman's Story About Her MS Diagnosis

I asked her to lunch to get her input on what I should share with my corporate clients. About the same time, I learned of Nobel prize winning research from Elizabeth Blackburn and her team at the University of California at San Francisco that shows that as little as 12 minutes a day of meditative breathing improves genetic expression.

All too often a few vocal attendees who had become angry about their medical situations dominated these meetings. This initial contact with Andrea Dowdall has improved my life even as my physical and mental abilities are diminishing. Thank you again and again! CCQLP is an angel in my life! I went through a very traumatic period. I felt reassured everything would get better! I called to see if someone could help create a path from my back gate down to the dirt road so I could walk with my husband and dog out back behind our property. They came and hoed, raked, and made a path wide enough for me to get my walker down to the dirt road access the back property. Following MS diagnosis, the beat goes on Montel Williams' MS diet Pretty normal for an active and ambitious year-old," he said.

I find myself injecting my leg with medication I know little of, and asking questions on a daily basis.

Multiple Sclerosis

Taylor has had MS for years but only found out about it earlier this month. So far, he has hidden his MS, over worries that it could hurt his career.

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That's actually not true for the majority of them. As for Taylor, he says he has been able to get by with the occasional bout of numbness or loss of strength. Helen Solinski f ound herself in the same boat as Taylor in MS drug Gilenya under safety review. Christina Lamb Sidell of Williston, Vermont, wasn't sure she would be able to have a son. Christina Lamb and her husband call their son a "free gift with disease.

At 35, she was told she could either wait a minimum of two years to have children or have children right away. There's an increased risk in having a relapse three to six months after delivery.


We do not recommend that women delay pregnancy because of MS. A year and a half later, Sidell's son was born. She and her husband call him their "free gift with disease. Carol Sadrozinske was told she might not be able to raise her son when she was diagnosed while pregnant in , at the age of 23 many people with MS are diagnosed quite early in life, with the peak of the disease coming at 29 or 30, according to Vollmer. She has had her ups and downs with the disease, included a devastating fall earlier this year that left her bruised with a broken arm.