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  3. Selected Opening Phrases Fro Our Sample Letters of Sympathy and Condolences
  4. Mother who died of cancer left a hilarious and poignant letter for her friends and family.
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Please accept our deepest and heartfelt condolences. May that love honor their memory and may you cherish the time you had together. They will always be remembered as an especially giving person of great character. I often recall when we first moved into the neighborhood. Though you may have been kept apart physically by the miles between you, the emotional bond and love between you was as strong as if you were living in the same city.

Though I may be far away, know that my spirit and prayers are with you. I will give you a call next week to talk. In our sample letters of sympathy and condolences we offer help to the bereaved such as: I have included a box of those cookies you enjoy so much; I baked them fresh for you. It might do them some good to spend a bit of time with someone their own age. I'm off every Friday so maybe we can get together and talk about what we can put on the site; maybe go through some old photos to put online.

I hope we can get together for a chat soon. Would you be able to put me in touch with whoever is making the arrangements? I will be honored to be a pallbearer. Some are: Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. The Lord, my God, lights up my darkness.


But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die. Some short condolence phrases you can use for texts, emails, tweets, and Facebook are: There are no words to express my sorrow for your loss.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. May the love of your family comfort you in the days ahead. Writer Melissa Nathan was diagnosed with breast cancer in when she was Two years later, she and husband Andrew Saffron became parents to son Sam - weeks before the cancer was found to have spread to Melissa's liver and bones. She died aged 37 - just after Sam's third birthday. She used the opening pages of her last book as a final letter to her family.

I am in the unusual position of knowing that this book will, in all probability, be published posthumously. And so please indulge me in a rather unusual set of acknowledgements. First, to my wonderful parents. You have given me a life suffused with love, support and friendship. I have been lucky enough to see eye to eye with you both, and look up to you at the same time. Please never feel that I have had a hard life. I have had 37 wonderful years, and I'm grateful to you both for giving me that. I am happy and at peace.

An Open Letter to My Friend Who Passed Away

My wonderful Andrew. I respect you as much as I love you, and that is saying something.

A Letter To My Bestfriend...

You, of all people I know, will get through this. After all, you've got through nearly 12 years of marriage with me, and that's no easy feat.

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I have been so lucky to know you. You have been my steady rock, my gentle giant, my best friend, my everything. I wish you a happy life, full of love and joy. And my amazing Sammy.

What dreams I had for our boy

I wanted to know you for longer, my love, but it wasn't to be. Still, at only three years old, you have already left an imprint on my heart that will go with me, wherever it is I'm going. Motherhood made my life worthwhile. And you gave me that. What does a mother wish for her son? I wish you happiness. You have a wonderful daddy and a family who adores you. Go into the world knowing that while you were everything to your mother, you won't have to deal with an annoying woman who can't stop kissing you when you're I will be in the sky kissing you from afar.

He joined the RAF and made his first operational flight, aged 26, on May 24, It was to be his last. He went missing over the North Sea.

Selected Opening Phrases Fro Our Sample Letters of Sympathy and Condolences

Dear Mother and Daddy. You now know that you will not be seeing me any more, and perhaps the knowledge is better than the months of uncertainty which you have been through. There are one or two things which I should like you to know, and which I have been too shy to let you know in person. Firstly, let me say how splendid you both have been during this terrible war. Neither of you have shown how hard things must have been, and when peace comes this will serve to knit the family together as it should always have been knit.

As a family, we are terribly afraid of showing our feelings, but war has uncovered unsuspected layers of affection beneath the crust of gentlemanly reserve.

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  • Mother who died of cancer left a hilarious and poignant letter for her friends and family. - GOOD;
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Secondly, I would like to thank you both for what you have done for me personally. Nothing has been too much trouble, and I have appreciated this to the full, even if I have been unable to show it. Finally, a word of comfort. You both know how I have hated this war, but it has, however, done this for me. It has shown me new realms where man is free from earthly restrictions and conventions; where he can be himself playing hide and seek with the clouds, or watching a strangely silent world beneath, rolling quietly on, touched only by vague unsubstantial shadows moving placidly but unrelenting across its surface.

So please don't pity me for the price I have had to pay for this experience. This price is incalculable, but it may just as well be incalculably small as incalculably large, so why worry?

His last letter to his parents was read out at his funeral. Dear Mum and Dad. If you are reading this, then you will know I won't be coming home. I am up in the stars now looking down on you making sure that you are safe.

Mother who died of cancer left a hilarious and poignant letter for her friends and family.

I am sorry for all the times I have been a pain but I know the good times outweighed the bad tenfold. Thank you for being the best parents anyone could ever have wished for. You gave me everything I could ever have wanted and more. You have both got long lives ahead of you yet, so make sure you make use of every second you have, because sitting here writing this now I know just how precious time is.

Remember that every time you are thinking of me, I am thinking of you, too. Look after yourselves. Kenneth Stevens was captured by the Japanese on February 10, At the beginning of May , he and his fellow prisoners had to march for three weeks to get to a prisoner-of-war camp in the jungle on the Siam-Burma border. When they got there, food rations were so low that many men starved to death.

Kenneth was admitted to the camp hospital on arrival. On June 15, he wrote his last letter to his wife, Penelope, who had been living in Singapore but had returned with their son, Christopher, to their home in Ilkley, Yorkshire. He died on August 10, Penelope, my own darling. Life has become extremely grim since I last wrote to you. Food's very scarce and medical supplies also, and we are coping with cholera, dysentery and beri-beri - we lost odd men out of 1, in three weeks, but things are slightly better now.

I spend the whole time living my life with you both in the past and what I hope for in the future. It was an inspiration for you to send that photo of you and Christopher - I looked at it for hours on end.

Writing a Condolence Letter to a Friend | Central England Co-operative

Oh darling, I do so passionately want to come out of this alive to be with you again - I want to be able to show you every day of my life how much I appreciate you and all your wonderfulness. I have thought so much of Chancery Hill, and what a beautiful home you made and how proud I was of it. And, of course, above all there was our completely wonderful Christopher Michael, and I don't think anyone can deny that there were few babies like him.

So there you are, darling, as wife, housewife, housekeeper, hostess and mother you were a complete and outstanding success - do you wonder that I feel uncertain as to whether I can ever make up to you for the risks and unhappiness of the past two years? I am hoping that the Government is giving you money to live on - there were supposed to have been arrangements made when we first went out to Changi as PoWs, but I doubt if they ever got through to England.

Anthony Butterfield, a year-old from California, was one of four marines who were killed when a suicide bomber caused a propane truck to explode in Rawah, Iraq, in July He wrote this last letter to his parents, brother and sisters. If you're getting this letter, then I'm sure you've already heard.