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Roulston, whose family has a decades-long history of financial investing in Cleveland, is described as the "chief ambassador" on the nonprofit company's staff page and said in an interview that company officials "cold-called" administrators at Akron and other Northeast Ohio universities because they wanted to focus on "a limited number of places in our backyard.

That impression was no doubt produced in part by the nature of the two competitors and how they fared in Akron's decision-making process. Trust Navigator also earned significant extra points for promising to support the Akron economy by hiring local and regional employees, and by hiring significantly from among the university's graduates, said Moore, the Akron associate vice president.

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InsideTrack traditionally leans heavily on a team of coaches who deal with students primarily by telephone and other long-distance modes, although Jarrat said that InsideTrack told Akron officials that it was "open" to having on-site coaches. The factors Akron emphasized are reasonable ones for a public university to weigh. But a product's price means very little without knowing something about its quality, and that is where Trust Navigator's complete lack of a track record might have given Akron officials pause.

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Perhaps tellingly, none of the criteria the university used in the search explored the firms' track records or ability to prove their efficacy; the closest factor asked the applicants to list any nearby campus clients they had lost in the past five years. Neither InsideTrack nor Trust Navigator listed one.

Trust Navigator lists only three employees on its website, and the implementation plan included in its proposal called for the training of coaches to be occurring by now, and student meetings to start by freshman orientation in late August.

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Yet Roulston acknowledged in an interview that the company has not yet begun hiring any of the 20 prospective coaches yet. We will begin delivering success coaching to all 4, freshmen in the next 30 days. We're not physically going to be able to hire enough competent people to fully populate where we want to get to for longer-term goals, but we'll be able to introduce this concept at orientation. Roulston, who said he and co-founder Rob Reho have started multiple companies and worked with hundreds of young people as employees and interns at those companies, insisted that Trust Navigator should not be judged by the sparse state of its current website or its seemingly thin staff.

He said the company was getting volunteer help -- in the hundreds of hours -- from a "technology person" who worked for a major hospital system in Akron, a human resources professional who filled that function at Aon, and others. It is building an online platform and developing its curriculum, in addition to talking to "a lot of very qualified [coaching] candidates who have expressed interest," Roulston said.

But we will be on other campuses this fall," Roulston said, though he declined to name them. One university that won't be working with Trust Navigator -- at least right now -- is West Virginia University. The company listed the university's president, E. Gordon Gee, as a reference and included a sample contract with West Virginia in its proposal to Akron.

Gee got to know Roulston and his colleagues when Gee was president of Ohio State University and made it his business to meet virtually every person with money in the state. Gee said he and others at West Virginia were impressed by what they heard from Trust Navigator during their discussions -- "they are smart and capable people" -- but decided that the university had significant internal work to do in improving its own student services operation before it could consider layering in outside success coaches.

Gee said West Virginia officials "do have some substantive questions" about whether going with a company with no track record would be "too big a leap" for the university. He described himself, though, as "the biggest risk taker in America" -- "I buy a pig in a poke all the time" -- because "if you go with the proven vendor, what everyone else is going with, you're going to be in the same place everyone else will be. If you go with the 'leap' strategy, you can get substantial reinvention. Gee added a caveat, however, that could apply to administrators at Akron if the hiring of Trust Navigator doesn't pan out.

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The inside track

Google Tag Manager. Advertise About Contact Subscribe. The participating universities and InsideTrack randomly assigned students to be coached. The coach contacted students regularly to develop a clear vision of their goals, to guide them in connecting their daily activities to their long term goals, and to support them in building skills, including time management, self advocacy, and study skills. Students who were randomly assigned to a coach were more likely to persist during the treatment period, and were more likely to be attending the university one year after the coaching had ended.

Coaching also proved a more cost-effective method of achieving retention and completion gains when compared to previously studied interventions such as increased financial aid.

Inside track, Succeeding in Exams and Assessments - Eddie Blass - Häftad () | Bokus

Eric P. Bettinger, Rachel Baker. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 36 1 , pp. Development of the American Economy. Economic Fluctuations and Growth. International Finance and Macroeconomics. International Trade and Investment.