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This book, written in , opened my eyes to what an extraordinary woman she was. Not only did she free large numbers of slaves the book claims over , al For many years I have driven through Auburn, NY on my way to our nearby summer cottage, and have several times driven past the William Seward house and seen the Harriet Tubman house close by. Not only did she free large numbers of slaves the book claims over , although that may be exaggerated , she led them first to the free states and later to Canada when the Fugitive Slave Law was passed.

She helped John Brown recruit volunteers for his raid on Harpers Ferry. During the Civil War she served in the Union Army in the South, both as a nurse and as a spy, and actually led a raid to free slaves. And after the war she settled in Auburn, in the house she purchased from William Seward, and helped the poor and needy. Towards the end of her life she died in she worked for woman's suffrage. All these accomplishments were done by a woman who couldn't read or right, and who suffered a ghastly head injury as a child that led to her having sleeping fits throughout her life, and who was always dirt poor.

If it hasn't been done already, her story would make a great movie. The book is very short about pages because very little of Harriet's life was written down, both because of her illiteracy and because the secrets of the Underground Railroad were not to be publicized. I found this to be a very moving book. I need to find a better biography, however, one that is written more chronologically and in more detail about her experiences.

Just as the author gets Harriet safe into the North, she lapses into generalities, and I have no idea who helped her or how she established herself there. This book does describe several of Harriet's rescues--she personally led about men, women "Farewell, ole Marster, don't think hard of me, I'm going on to Canada, where all de slave are free. This book does describe several of Harriet's rescues--she personally led about men, women, and children to safety. She had a remarkable faith in God and was blessed in remarkable ways. Truly an American hero. See more of my reviews at Bettering Me Up.

I got this book for free on Amazon and was excited to read it. I did a book report on Harriet Tubman when I was in fifth grade, and I've admired her ever since.

Project MUSE - Harriet, the Moses of Her People

This book, however, focused more on her religion than her acts of daring and bravery. At one point, the author explicitly skipped over years of Tubman's life after slavery by saying that those were hard years and needn't be discussed. That was a shame, since I was interested in those years! I gave See more of my reviews at Bettering Me Up. I gave up on the book a third of the way through. I know she is well known for bringing slaves out of the south to safety of Canada away from slave masters that didn't care about anyone.

To me Harriet Tubman was a true angel. The only thing I didn't enjoy about this ebook was there was no chapters. It is only 76 pages per Amazon.

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That is why I gave it 3 stars. If you enjoy history you need to give this book a try.

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  4. Apr 23, Jake Hanson rated it it was amazing. I read the first edition from google books. This book raises many questions and does not answer all the questions I wanted to know about Harriet Tubman, but I found this story compelling. I enjoy biographies from days gone by by people who actually knew the subject, which is the case here.

    There is some disorder in the account, but it is filled with precious gems of the life and passion of this dear woman. Aug 06, Stuart rated it it was amazing.

    A very remarkable woman. I'm so glad I read this Biography. Harriet Tubman was a true servant. Not only to people of color but all of humanity. A devout follower of Jesus and reflecting his love and compassion to all. The five stars are for Harriet Tubman who is a legend. The book gets less stars because of it's patronizing tone.

    Harriet Tubman should be on all denominations of American money. All of them. Mar 26, Doris Raines rated it it was amazing. Mixed Feelings I got the book for free on Kindle and wanted to read the story of Ms. Tubman, after reading Sojourner Truths story. Overall I was annoyed that the story was written by a White woman who seemed to have good intentions, but at times referred to Blacks as "darkies" and Ms. America has treated African Americans so poorly, denied our history and experiences, but want to be the ones to tell our story through their privilege. I'm going to purc Mixed Feelings I got the book for free on Kindle and wanted to read the story of Ms.

    I'm going to purchase another book on Harriet Tubmans life that gives more details on her personal upbringing, and how she developed and maneuvered through the Underground Railroad.

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    I was honored to read her words in this book, as Ms. Tubman was an extraordinary woman and human being, who literally did the impossible. She makes me proud to be a Black woman. Mar 01, Kyle rated it liked it. Tubman was still alive. The author indicates it is a second edition written to raise funds for a negro hospital in Auburn, New York, which she stated was Mrs. This book bounces around and is primarily a collection of short anecdotes, letters, and even some written passes permitting her access during the Civil War.

    You would think the book might focus heavily on Mrs. At one meeting she stated, "I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can't say; I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger. Along with these are a few scenes going back to her childhood when she was a slave, her involvement and wonder at the abolitionist John Brown, her involvement in the Civil War as a spy and nurse, and some events after the war.

    Oh, Lord! Even if a quarter of the stories are true, Harriet Tubman was a remarkable woman who was truly a Moses of her people.


    Harriet, The Moses of Her People

    Despite her lack of education and being born into slavers, she used her leadership skills and trust in God to help save her literal family, as well as, many other slaves. Aug 24, Dick rated it really liked it. This was one very courageous Christian woman. The book was originally published in is good during her lifetime. It is not a long book, but the impact is significant. The book reflects the sentiments of the abolitionist while she lived. Her views of herself are quite modest Harriet's life was a very spiritual one. That faith runs from her childhood to old age. Her unshakeable faith is God speaks loud and clear.

    She believed in freedom and was driven by her need to contribute to the freedom o This was one very courageous Christian woman. She believed in freedom and was driven by her need to contribute to the freedom of others. Her totally focused determination coupled with her love of others which is supposed to be a core part of the Christian life caused me to pause and reflect on myself in those areas.

    She comes across as a better living Christian than I. I recommend for anyone irrespective of age doing t he roles she played in the Underground Railroad. She also was a nurse during the war, and in my view was a soldier for the north and yes, she spied for the federals. The people who admired her and her efforts reached very high into the government and society. She was greatly admired, but remained very modest right to the end. She was never really compensated for her totally dedication to the cause.

    Harriet Tubman- “The Moses of her People”

    Plenty of fresh historical information within this strangely assembled text. A letter by Frederick Douglass about Harriet Tubman is an interesting, random inclusion in the text Harriet's exploits are covered in detail from her early life to position in later life. The a p. The abuse endured while in slavery is instructive. The author presents a horrifying story about Harriet's head wound.

    However, there is also a good amount of intriguing information about the iconic runaway slave. Tubman serve as a nurse during the Civil War. Going beyond helping the wounded Harriet Tubman also crossed Rebel lines to spy on the Confederate Army. The text is a striking sign of the times. There are any number of provocative incidents for the modern reader. Standing out among the items is the consistent appeal within the text for financial assistance for Mrs.